STEM School

●New model STEM program

● Designed for students in grades 3 – 8

●Innovation Cycle/Design School Model

(see; Henry Ford Academy, Stanford dschool for theoretical basis)

●Personalized reading, writing, and math – students with dyslexia and similar learning differences encouraged to apply

●Team work and hands-on, project-based learning, for integrated science and social studies

● Assessment by individual benchmarks, mastery learning, and projects

● Participation in Makevention, and similar opportunties

●Technology tools for learning, including 3D printing

● Built-in Maker and Entrepreneurship program

●Career and life skills development

● Interaction with community partners

● Experienced lead teachers



STEM (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Math) School will be limited to 20 students.    Admission is by application, and will be rolling until spaces are filled.    Students and their families will be notified of acceptance.  Students will be required to participate in an initial assessment to allow staff to design a personal learning plan.   Students will be required to have a laptop meeting certain specifications.  Tuition and fees will be $9900.  Limited scholarship support will be available.


Students with dyslexia and similar processing differences are encouraged to apply to take advantage of Pinnacle’s expertise in this area.  Even though the program is individualized and oriented toward visual, hands-on, problem-solvers, students with reading, writing, or math levels that are more than 2 years different than grade level may benefit from, and be required to participate in additional tutoring.