Tutoring Services

Students enrolled in Pinnacle tutoring programs have access to Pinnacle School’s extensive technology resources to support learning including software, tailored applications for developing core skills, text-to-speech programs, and similar learning tools. An Individualized Learning Plan is created based on each student’s goals, education history, and specific areas targeted through diagnostic testing. Tutoring 1-2 times a week is recommended. Programs offer flexible scheduling and reasonable rates.
Students who are good candidates for Pinnacle Tutoring Services include:
•    Students who are struggling in reading, writing, or math, but are generally less than a year behind their peers. (Students who are behind more than that need our more intensive program.)
•    Students who have completed a Pinnacle program, but would like some extra support as they transition into another setting.
•    Students who are being home-schooled, but would benefit from assistance with particular subjects or skills.
•    Students who would like to catch up or maintain their skills during the summer months.
•    Students who would like to get started on improving their skills and confidence before enrolling in Pinnacle full-time.
Pinnacle Tutoring Options:

One-on-one Tutoring

–    Individualized work in reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, math, social competencies, or study skills for grades K-12
–    Flexible scheduling
–    The cost is $45 per hour; there is an 8 session per month minimum
–    An initial education assessment is required to develop an Individual Learning Plan

Diagnostic Assessments & Education Therapy

–    Education Assessments for struggling learning ages 5-24, specializing in dyslexia and processing differences
–    Flexible scheduling with appointments usually available within 2 weeks
–    Core assessment fees are $99 (K-1), $149 (2-3), $189 (4-6), $249 (7-8), and $349 (high school and college) with report
–    Additional specialized assessments available
–    Consulting services and education therapy from $50 to $120 per hour