Pinnacle Testing Center

What is a diagnostic evaluation?

The Diagnostic Evaluation consists of a core battery of tests that test for reading skills (decoding level, fluency, rate, and comprehension), writing and spelling, ability to word with sounds and syllables, phonological memory, and processing speed. The battery of tests will help provide a clearer picture of your child’s learning difference and current performance. Any students ages 5-24 can be tested for dyslexia and learning difficulties.
Depending on the student’s education history, additional assessments may be completed in math skills, visual discrimination, working with symbols, auditory processing, and other relevant measures.

How long does the evaluation take?
Depending on the age of the student, the Evaluation can take between one and two hours. Older students take longer than younger students. You may also schedule a tour of Pinnacle School during your visit. The tour takes about thirty minutes.

Where does the evaluation take place?
The Evaluation takes place at Pinnacle School in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Your child will work with a qualified and trained professional.

What happens after the evaluation?
You will receive a report that discusses the findings of your child’s Evaluation. A professional will discuss suggestions for your child’s education with you, along with things that you can do at home to help your child.

How much does it cost?
Testing fees range from $99 for kindergarteners to $349 for high school and college students.