Programs and Services

Pinnacle Learning Services is a non-profit organization that works to help individuals with dyslexia learn, innovate, and succeed. We do this through direct instruction, supplemental tutoring services, diagnostic testing, community partnerships, promoting dyslexia awareness, and the development of customized learning materials. Pinnacle also provides professional development for teachers and schools, along with community outreach projects.

We offer a number of high quality programs for students with dyslexia and related processing differences. The choice of which program, service, or targeted intervention is best will depend on the student’s learning history, level of academic achievement in relation to their nominal grade level, the results of diagnostic and psychological testing, along with information provided by the family and current school.

Pinnacle Smart Start Program (Grades K-2) is a full-time day program that focuses on developing a strong foundation in early literacy and numeracy skills. The small class size allows students to get more individualized attention. There is a strong emphasis on phonological awareness and alphabetic principals. This program is offered in partnership with BCGC, the Bloomington Center for Global Children, at 1111 N Walnut Street in Bloomington.

Pinnacle School (Grades 3-8) is a full-time, nonpublic, accredited school that specializes in teaching students with dyslexia and similar visual, hands-on learners. Pinnacle School provides students with expert and caring teachers, individualized instruction, good school to home communication, and an interesting and engaging setting. Starting in Fall 2015, our school builds on our prior success with (STEM) science, technology, entrepreneurship, and math, and adopted and innovation-design approach, that includes a Maker Space as an integral tool for our curriculum. Our faculty members have expertise in The Pinnacle Method to help students with dyslexia develop the tools and strategies to learn to read, spell, comprehend text, and write. Students will have daily opportunities to develop needed skills, and to reinforce these through practice and application. We work to build on the innate talents and interests of our students. Students progress at the pace that is right for them. For example, they may join a more advanced math class when they are ready to do so. Challenging students in a variety of subject areas and providing a range of experiences allows them the opportunity to develop in all of Gardner’s eight intelligences while using the project-based innovation school model. The School is located in the Pinnacle Learning Center, at 1911 S Walnut Street in Bloomington.

Pinnacle School (High School) is a blended program that provides a mix of direct class instruction, online work, internships, work experience, college dual credit classes, and other individualized elements. Students may earn a general or core 40 Indiana diploma.