Pinnacle Knowledge Nook

Coming in November 2014…

The Pinnacle Knowledge Nook, located at Pinnacle School, will include resources for our families and the community to access in one location. The resource library will include books, articles, DVDs, testing materials, and sample manipulatives.  It will be open during school hours. As the Knowledge Nook is fully developed and set up, this virtual space will also be expanded to include electronic resources that can be accessed online.

The Knowledge Nook will include materials on a variety of learning differences, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. A section on ADD and ADHD will also be featured since these are co-morbid in 55% of people with dyslexia. Finally, the Knowledge Nook will feature resources about auditory processing and the autism spectrum disorders.

A viewing area, including a DVD player and a TV, will be available to watch a variety of DVDs about learning differences. We will have demos for some of the most current tablet apps, including those for letter formation, phonemes, assistive speech and assistive writing. In addition to adult resources, the Resource Center will also include a section for kids. Seeing their difference as a gift and understanding what it takes for them to learn and thrive is the first step to success.

Finally, a general section about health, nutrition, and wellness will be established. The goal of this section is to help educate students, families, and community members about healthier habits and lifestyles, and for them to explore the link between healthy habits and their learning differences.

Currently, materials that will be available to check out in the Knowledge Nook are available for purchase in an Amazon bookstore that has been set up for Pinnacle.