Mission and Vision

(revised in 2015, originally adopted in April 2006)

Our Mission is to serve as a comprehensive and expert education resource for dyslexia and information-processing differences.

To fulfill our Mission, we operate Pinnacle Learning Services, Pinnacle School, and the Pinnacle Testing Center, and we collaborate with partners to provide Dyslexia Outreach and Awareness Programs.

Our Vision is that people with dyslexia and similar information processing differences have the opportunity to develop, nurture, and optimize their individual talents as a path to personal and professional respect, success, and satisfaction.

To accomplish this Vision, we believe that people with dyslexia should…

  • Develop self-confidence from an early age, along with a realistic self-understanding of their personal talents, strengths and weaknesses that will allow them to view dyslexia as a unique opportunity or “gift.”
  • Have academic success, defined more broadly than reading, writing, and math.
  • Become proficient in the use of specialized tools and resources, including technology.
  • Have positive role models – famous people and alumni with learning differences – who have “made it,” and the opportunity to spend time with mentors.
  • Experience opportunities for growth and direct involvement in civics, philanthropy and the community.
  • Develop key life and social skills, including job readiness and retention skills, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, motivation and positive mindsets toward work and effort.
  • Learn to plan, especially to use strategies to approach a situation/goal in steps, and to have a “Plan B.”
  • Develop a sense of personal responsibility.
  • Be an active part of an informed society (teachers, schools, employers, siblings, family, psychologists) that supports the applications of knowledge of scientific gains in their area of difference, and to be involved in “setting the rules.”
  • Become advocates for themselves, with an awareness and understanding of potential obstacles in school, growing up, and transitions to college, work and adulthood.
  • Be able to appropriately and effectively get the resources they need to be successful in pursuing an education, career, relationships and family life.


The Core Values of our work with children, including through Pinnacle School and other services, are to…

  • Build from the innate strengths and talents of these bright children
  • Recognize that all people learn differently
  • Provide children with dyslexia the teaching approaches that help them succeed
  • Individualize learning
  • Provide daily opportunities to learn through projects or problem-based learning
  • Give students the tools of learning (technology, skills, attitude…)
  • Provide appropriate and authentic means of assessment
  • Promote self confidence, involvement and pride in school, respect, and an appreciation of diversity
  • Support student achievement in academics, cultural activities, decision-making, social skills, life-time fitness, and leadership
  • Engage students in real-life learning experiences in the community
  • Work with families to realize goals for student achievement and learning
  • Support a caring and dedicated faculty with expertise in their respective specialties
  • Celebrate the “gift of dyslexia” and other learning differences
  • Recognize our heritage of helping students become successful learners