About Us

Pinnacle works to help individuals with dyslexia learn, innovate, and succeed.  We do this through direct instruction, supplemental tutoring services, diagnostic testing, and the development of customized learning materials.  Pinnacle also provides professional development for teachers and schools, along with community outreach projects and programs.

New in Fall 2015 is the Pinnacle STEM School for students in grades 3 through 8.  This program builds on Pinnacle School’s success with science, technology, entrepreneurship, and math.  Our faculty members have expertise in The Pinnacle Method to help students with dyslexia develop the tools and strategies to learn to read, spell, comprehend text, and write.  Students will have daily opportunities to develop needed skills, and to reinforce these through practice and application.  We work to build on the innate talents and interests of our students.  Students progress at the pace that is right for them. For example, they may join a more advanced math class when they are ready to do so. Challenging students in a variety of subject areas and providing a range of experiences allows them the opportunity to develop in all of Gardner’s eight intelligences using an innovation school model.

Pinnacle Learning Services provides supplemental tutoring to students attending local K – 12 public and private schools.  We also offer training and support to college students to improve their reading skills, for the use of assistive technologies like Kurzweil and Dragon Naturally Speaking, and with subject-specific assistance.

The Testing Center offers affordable diagnostic assessments for learning difficulties from ages 5 through 24.   Achievement testing is now available as an addition to the Core Battery.

The Monroe County Literacy Continuum is a new collaboration between Pinnacle and MCCSC.  Pinnacle will consult with MCCSC to provide professional development for K – 12 teachers to better serve the approximately 80 Pinnacle students who will be transitioning to MCCSC, as well as students with dyslexia who are already attending MCCSC.

Pinnacle engages in other outreach projects and programs with local and regional partners to build dyslexia awareness, provide dyslexia services, and to build awareness of effective education approaches.